Monday, 15 December 2008

Malfi visits Smiling Malfi at home

Smiling Malfi had just received a phone call from Malfi. He wasn't happy again - He was featured in the local Pyonear as he had won the colouring competition but they had misprinted his name as 'Mouthy'. Smiling Malfi had a read and couldn't help but giggle. He'd better compose himself - Malfi was soon to arrive.

They had another look when Malfi arrived. Smiling Malfi just couldn't stop smiling! Luckily Malfi didn't seem to notice.

Smiling Malfi decided to busy himself so malfi wouldn't see him smiling.

SM made him a cup of tea and everything suddenly seemed a lot better.
Although it would take a little while for Malfi to feel better.

Nora Does

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